Attracting happiness

Time doesnt heal any wounds. It just teaches us how to live with the wounds. Time doesnt lessen any pain. We get used to living with it. We numb it out or we simply hide it behind a fake smile, but deep within it still hurts. 

So why not heal those wounds and set ourselves free. Almost all of us are wounded souls searching for happiness in places outside of ourselves. Sometimes we find it and sometimes we dont. How wonderful will it be if we learn to access this happiness from within instead of looking for it outside of ourselves.

Learning to put ourselves first is something we struggle with each day. Our boss comes first, our parents’ demands come first, our kids’ homework comes first, but what about us? Where do we stand in our own priority list?

If your life isnt turning out how you want it to be, then there is surely something wrong on the inside. The journey to our dreams begins with feeling good on the inside. It begins with healing deep-rooted wounds and letting go of the blame game.

“I wish I had been more careful,” “I wish I had not made those choices.” This is how we express our regrets. If you observe closely, you will realise that a regret is a wish made in the past tense. And this to me makes no sense. Past cannot be modified, no matter how sincerely you wish.

What feels good today might feel better tomorrow, even better the day after and before you know it you may start experiencing beautiful changes you never thought would even beautiful-cute-enjoyment-460307occur. It begins with a simple prayer or a daily workout routine or a little of what feels good. Its always the little things which attract the most miracles.

Happiness is not a once in a lifetime moment of bliss. Its a moment to moment practice of choosing love over fear, compassion over anger, kindness over bitterness, forgiveness over resentment, self worth over self doubt and self love over shame and judgement.

Yes, its true that I often feel a sense of worthlessness engulf me. I feel hurt and ashamed. I fear answering questions and meeting new people. Yes, I am afraid. But I do take that one baby step and remind myself of a very powerful quote that Dr. Wayne Dyer said in one of his books,” Even if you are in the gutter, you have an option of looking at the stars.”

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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