Fear of obstacles

blur-blurred-background-bokeh-870866Following your soul’s calling isnt always an easy job. There are people around you trying to force you to bury your dreams. These people assume that just because you are different from the rest, there is something seriously wrong with you. 

For instance, my mom is sitting right beside me talking all nonsense. She is in no mood to stop talking. Her statements are really breaking my hopes and crushing my confidence. “You will eventually have to go back to your previous job,” she says,” your dreams arent going to work out.”

The trouble here is that my inner mean girl easily picks up all that she says and I have a really hard time dealing with all this. When you set out on the path of your inner calling, it all usually doesnt make any sense in the beginning. You find it really hard to find any reason in all thats happening. Self doubts engulf you and you feel that all those around you are literally pouncing on you to prevent you from making any progress.

The magic actually lies in trusting that nonsense. When you stop looking around for reasons and logical explanations and look within yourself, thats when you realise that all the answers lie within you. Everything slowly starts making sense to you. But you have to first trust it when it makes no sense at all.

All those trying to pounce on you are little ponies trying to dethrone a powerful unicorn. Yes, thats true. I know that its super scary to face people especially when they are trying to push you towards a job or a relationship which you want to get rid of. But hear me out my loves. Each person on this planet is working for you and not against you. The universe is working on your behalf and it aligns all the supportive and unsupportive souls on your pathway to liberation.

All those pouncing on you will be taken care of by the divine presence within you. You are never alone. God walks beside you and that too on the path which you have chosen. The moment you start walking on the path of dharma, the divine presence within you awakens. When someone attacks you with their words and deeds and you make the choice to forgive them, you invoke your inner divinity. You forgive them not because they are right, but because you choose to set yourself free of all pain. 

All these little ponies trying to bring you down are aiding to awaken the beast within you. This beast isnt a monster. She is the brave and courageous Goddess who says,” Worry not my child. Surrender and I will take care of the rest.”



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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