Dealing with hopelessness

There comes a time in your life when you feel that you have done in all, yet nothing seems to be working out. You put in the required efforts each day yet you are not in that phase of success. You start doubting yourself and feel that a huge storm of hopelessness has engulfed you. Dont worry, this happens to almost everyone who dares to dream big.

You really need to understand this concept that your dreams are not threatened by anyone, but your own blocks. Its very likely that you feel that there are people who are trying to block your path and trying to cause hindrance on your dream journey. But the truth is that when you say that the universe is working on your behalf, every single person, be it supportive or authoritative is also working on your behalf. In my own life, people who are against my dreams have taught me the biggest lessons of compassion and forgiveness without which my progress was impossible. Obstscles are also God’s ways of leading you to your dreams. Such people keep showing up as constant reminders of compassion which makes me realise that it isnt a one time event but a moment to moment choice I make.

Another reason for feeling hopeless is the focus on the question,” How is it going to work out?” Frankly speaking, it isnt your job to figure things out the whole time. The universe is already doing it for you. The “how” is not for you to worry about. It will work out and that too in the best possible way the moment you align yourself with the divine will.

Another major reason that makes you lose all your hopes is the fear of time and deadlines. Yes, this does scare you. Maybe thats your last chance to appear for that exam before you are pushed into something else or maybe your family has given you just a month’s notice to prove your worth or you fear that your dream forest shall be destroyedbloom-blossoms-buds-87452. The beauty of time is that its never in our control and yet we are trying to be in control of time all our lives. We plan our days taking note of every hour spent in work and every minute not spent in doing anything productive. We try to control how we spend each second of our life. Stop it now. Its a horrible way of doing things. It leads to nothing but stress.

Let the ribbons of time slip through your hands into the hands of God. Surrender is the solution to all issues. Show up with love, answer your inner calling, pray with love and let go of all outcomes. Dont carry unwanted burdens which weigh you down. Time isnt a factor to be afraid of. Its all planned for you by the universe. 

When we wish upon a fallen eyelash, we put it on the back of our hand and make a wish. And then, with full force we blow it away. We release it to the universe. In moments of hopelessness, simply release all your wishes to the universe. Allow divine love to guide you and protect you. Stop holding it all together. Releasing all your wishes to the universe makes you receptive towards miracles. Each moment lived in surrender is a miracle moment. When you let go of all that you can no longer handle, you invite the force of love to take care of it for you. 

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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