Namaste beautiful and powerful souls. I was just going through a list of success mantras and one of them was TRUST YOUR STRUGGLE. I have always believed in trusting the universe and feel that its working on our behalf. But after reading this mantra, I came to realise that trusting the universe becomes really hard when you dont trust your struggle. Its not enough to trust the flow until you believe that your struggle is a part of it too.

All this while I had been believing that my struggle is a result of something gone wrong. Now, this is an incomplete statement. Yes, wrong choices do lead to troubled times. But our struggle is not a result of our mistakes. It is the response of the universe trying to correct those mistakes. And you really need to have faith in it.

Trust your struggle. It is there for you. And even if you cannot see any good in it, simply say “Thank you” whenever you feel low. You might not know what you are thankful for, but say it anyway.

It feels really scary when you are standing on  shaky ground. There are people around you who are looking down upon you. And the worst part happens when you start doubting your struggle. You feel that just because nothing is working out at the moment, you are on the wrong path. And thats when your hopes begin to tremble and your dreams appear like the distant horizon.

Trust your struggle. My struggle hasnt got me any financial gains yet, but it has taught me the art of compassion and forgiveness. I could have never learnt this had everything always been easy for me. My struggle has taught me the difference between love and attachment, friendship and dependency and logic and intuition. And above all, it has taught me to embrace the light within me.

Trust your struggle. Love your struggle. Be grateful for it. Be proud of it. Thank God for it. Be patient with it. And remember that it there for you. Stop trying to run from it, stop trying to fight it off. You cannot fight against the force which keeps the art-blur-card-791024galaxies and the celestial bodies in place, which keeps the planets on their path and which keeps the sun glowing. Your struggle is a form of divine correction. Yes, it hurts and no one likes it. But resisting it wont lessen your pain. Embrace it with love, surrender it to the divine and you shall soon see the light of love and your dreams taking form.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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