Children cry the most, yet they are the happiest of all. They weep all day and yet they have the most precious smile. Why? Because they believe that their tears have the power to move the world and their smile can create wonders. They know that there is God in them who will convince their parents/ guardians to give them all that they need.

Here we all are, lost in our own struggles, considering ourselves to be the victims of this mortal world. And here are these innocent children, who havent accomplished anything yet, who may not have a penny to their name, yet they have the power to create wonders.

You maybe astonished to know how many miracle moments a child attracts each day. He prays believing that all his prayers will be answered. And miraculously, they are. He receives because he believes.

A child is smart enough to surrender all his burdens to God. He isnt ever worried about getting a new teddy bear or a new doll house. He doesnt sit and think,” O my god, how am I going to get that? Mom and Dad might not agree for it. How shall I solve this problemadorable-baby-beautiful-265987?”  Instead, he does what we as adults struggle with today, saying the affirmations in the present tense believing them to be true. He looks at the teddy and says,” Well now, I have another giant bear in my toy house.” A wish infused with love and trust is bound to come true. Affifmations attract miracles and children say them all the time.

As we grow up, we dont get smarter, we grow foolish. We try to fight against the will of the universe, we carry unwanted burdens and above all, we stop believing in God. We stop believing that we deserve happiness.

There is absolutely no need for us to worry. God shall provide for us. He will hold us in his embrace and we shall weep in his arms. He has created us with love, all our flaws are his blessings and all our gifts are his masterpiece. Why fear this mortal world? Its just an illusion. Nothing can overpower the force of love. No one can stop us if God wants us to proceed and no one can make us cry if we choose to surrender all our pain. Remember that what you believe is all that matters. May God bless you. 

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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