The invisible force of love

I was listening to BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert and found it so true, honest and beautiful. But this whole time, if there is one thing that cant stop bothering me is where is my big magic, where is my miracle?

In times of extreme sorrow and suffering, its really hard to notice the big magic. But just because the naked eyes cannot see the microscopic objects, it doesnt make them non-existent. Similarly, just because you cant see big magic, it doesnt mean that it isnt happening.

Magic is being created in each moment. A moment of suffering or a bad day does not mean that you arent being helped. In our human experience, we cannot see how the divine is helping us. We want this suffering to end, but at the same time we are afraid of our worst fears coming true.Okay, so listen here. The scientists have predicted that billions of years later, the sun is going to die and swallow the earth. There is a lot going on in the solar system with black holes being formed and meteors hitting the earth to many more destructions. But here you are in this moment, safe and sound. This is big magic.

Elizabeth Gilbert really took me by surprise when she said that out of six, only one of her books was a best seller. That was way before “Big Magic” released. So does that mean that the magic happened only when she was writing that one book? No, a sure no. Just because we see it that way, doesnt mean that the universe is working that way.

I had an idea for a book two years ago. I thought that it was a splendid idea but I never showed up for writing that book. Then something so destructive happened that I had no choice but to write that book. That afterglow-art-backlit-556669is big magic.

Being stuck in mess, each day I  am faced with the same old fears that leave me feeling  worried about the world snatching away my happiness from me. But here I am, writing these beautiful words. This is big magic.

I was struggling with my writing the other day. I was so scared to express my opinion. And then miraculously, I received an update of Gabrielle Bernstein’s new blog post on vulnerability. That is big magic.

Yesterday, when I was feeling really low and uninspired, the lyrics of the song “Showers of blessings” came to my mind and consoled me. That is big magic.

And even now, when I am terrified of whats going to happen next and my patience seems to be running out, I am still praying and creating. And this is Big Magic.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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