Leaning on love

In the moments of suffering, all we need is a shoulder to cry on. All we long for is love and support. But instead of this, the world showers us with curses and hurtful comments. Most of the times, our family members behave the worst. They are constantly saying things which make us feel guilty. Their controlling and manipulative behaviour makes things harder for us. The other people pass judgements which make us feel ashamed and guilty. We feel that we have done something very wrong to deserve all this hate.

Maybe you lied to them and broke their trust, maybe you made a decision which they found mean and selfish or maybe you chose your happiness first. Whatever the matter was, now you feel trapped in a loveless world full of sorrow and misery.

Whatever you did, you know whether it was right or wrong. And even if you arent aware of it yet, you at least know one thing and that is, it was not your intention to cause anyone any pain. You chose to be happy and the world couldnt stand it. You lied because you wanted your freedom. Yes, you did make mistakes. Maybe it wasnt a really wise decision. But you know that you didnt do anything on purpose.

You left that job because you longed to do something better, not because you wanted your family to struggle with their finances. You didnt agree to the wishes of your loved ones because you wanted to be at peace, not because you wanted them to be upset. You broke up with your partner because you wanted happiness, not because you wanted to hurt them.

I am not saying that hurting others is justified but if your intentions werent evil and wicked, then you really cant help it. When you choose to walk on the path of love, all those who dwell in fear will not be able to stand your light.

Shouting at them and asking them to shut up will do you no good. Your voice for them is like ultrasonic waves which they cant even hear. Those who arent open to love cannot receive it. Even if you try to be brave enough to face them and tell them that their criticism is bringing you down, it wont help. They are lost and troubled souls who are afraid of your glow. They will do all they can to dim your glow because they cannot tolerate it.

They will say mean and manipulative statements like,

“We are more experienced, we know much more than you.”

“You need a reality check.”

Advice that is born out of love is subtle and comforting. For example,

“Only you know whats best for you.”

“I dont know your side of the story yet.”

“Its okay to make mistakes. Just remember to keep learning.”

When we are faced with mean and insulting comments each day, it becomes really hard to keep going. Sadly, so many times our family members convince us into believing that there is something wrong with us. Thats the same thing they have been doing to themselves for years and thats why till today, they are only shedding tears.

Lean on love and let God take over. You are his child born from the divine flame of his eternal love. Allow him to take care of you. You are not your parent’s child, you are his child. Yes, you were brought up with love and care. So now, send love to your family and bless theartistic-blossom-bright-207962m. But for heaven sake, do not lean on them until you feel that they are enlightened beings.  The most stupid thing we do is that we lean on those who are leaning on fear, we trust those who do not trust the universe and we believe those who do not believe in themselves. Have compassion for them and send them to light. Be kind and be humble. Be loving and be gentle. But do not lean on them. Lean on the divine and trust the force of love within you. This force of love within you is stronger than the oppressive forces of the world.

I often feel that the world will force me into living a loveless life. I often feel that my family can force me into giving up on the things I love. I feel that the society can force me to dim my light. But the force of love that is there within me is always there. It is so strong that no power on this planet can overpower it. When everything fails, love prevails. And where there is love, there is God. And where there is God, there is no fear. 

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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