Forgive each word

cafe-coffee-drink-6067Namaste beautiful and powerful souls. I have spoken about forgiveness millions of times but this time I want to speak more about forgiving bitter experiences and mean words rather than forgiving people.

What I started noticing recently was that when it came to forgiving my parents or best friend for their lack of support, I still managed to do it. But when it came to forgiving their rude and insensitive words, I really wasnt able to do it that well. Forgiving our loved ones is a moment to moment practice. But forgiving those harsh words and bitter experiences is essential if we wish to experience the bliss of freedom.

Forgiveness begins with self love. When you silence your inner mean girl by loving yourself enough, thats when the magic begins. This afternoon, my inner mean girl started screaming again. This is what she said,” You are a piece of sh*t that stinks. Thats why no one wants to be around you. You dont deserve any love and happiness. You are a burden on this planet.” Harsh, isnt it. But yes, thats how our inner critic behaves at times. The only way out is the way in. Tune into self love. Love yourself irrespective of your accomplishments or your failures. Love yourself so much that you can dissolve the voice of this mean girl with love.

Once you start loving yourself, start being compassionate towards yourself. Be extremely kind towards yourself and remember that you are not in this alone. Millions of souls are going through the same sh*t as you even if you are unaware of it. Self compassion paves the way for self forgiveness. Forgive yourself for making that wrong choice, stop cribbing about it. If you yelled at someone and feel horrible about it, start by forgiving yourself for it. I am not saying that what you did was right. Maybe the person who was hurt by what you said never forgives you. But be wise, learn the lesson, forgive yourself and release this pain.

When you learn to be kind towards yourself and when you become willing to forgive yourself, thats when you prepare yourself to be free of all bitter experiences. There are so many bitter remarks and statements which have still imprisoned us only because we are unwilling to let them go.

I have a list of them said by my family like,” I dont understand when are you going to grow up?”, “All you are good at is cleaning toilets”, “I think you are completely insane and mark my words, thats what the world shall say,” ” What kind of a sister are you?” and so on. And even I was no less. Here is a list of my rude remarks,” All you care about is gaining sympathy from others”, “You have always taken wrong decisions,” and so on.

Now, if you look at this deeply, maybe your person of interest wanted to say,” I wish that you mend your ways because I love you,” “I wish you would stop being so stubborn because it hurts me,” “I wish we would agree with each other but I cant back down.” Very often, words misguide us. Our ego convinces us to believe that they were words of hatred. But what if they were words born out of extreme pain and suffering.I am not saying that its okay for people to say mean things to you. But its also not okay for you to keep holding onto those bitter words.

When you are willing to look through the eyes of love, you slowly start seeing words and experiences for what they truly are. They are a blend of fear based thoughts, overpowering negative emotions and a person’s inability to deal with them. They represent a lack of love and trust. Thats all they are. They are neither your truth nor do they have any power over you.

Bless each harsh word, bless each bitter experience, bless each person who made you feel unloved. But above all, count your many blessings. Remember and believe how blessed you are. Bless all the troubled souls and the universe shall shower you with all the blessings.



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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