Dealing with guilt and low self-esteem

Namaste beautiful and powerful souls. This post is a kind of compassionate post for all of us going through the miseries of life. You know that feeling when everyone around you is trying to convince you that you are doing it all wrong. There are people who curse you with bitter words and make you feel guilty the whole time. These can be your family members, your seniors or your neighbours. Its hard to deal with this the whole time.

Let me give you a warm loving hug and tell you that its not about being right the whole time. Its not even about making the wrong choices. What matters is how you feel about this. What matters is your perception of things. Your perception may be based on love or fear. All that matters in any moment is making the choice for love.

You know my mother has this belief system that she is the only one who works hard the whole time. Due to this, she constantly looks down upon others thinking that all of us here are lazy and worthless. She fails to understand that everyone’s way of working is different. You cannot compare people like that. Similarly, my dad feels that in order to be successful, a child needs to give up on all his fun activities. According to him, working hard for the future is important, even if it means sabotaging the glories of the present.

What I am trying to point out here is that people with such rigid beliefs are highly judgemental and always look down upon those who have an entirely different way of living. There are people who work and make a living just by going easy on themselves. They are not doing it wrong, othersbrush-happiness-joy-22221 are getting it wrong.

And take my word, you cannot explain them. So dont even try. I heard this saying that the only time that you can change someone is when they are in their diapers. Stop expecting them to behave differently and please stop blaming them for hurting you.

You are not doing it wrong. You are doing your best. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Yes, you must learn from your mistakes but you need to shed this guilt by being kind to yourself and others.

You are not stupid, you are different. You are not self centred, you are a dreamer. You are not lazy, you work in unique ways. You are not broke, you are blessed. And we are all in this together forever. May God bless you.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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