Dealing with false allegations

So I really want to write this post today. Before I share my own story, lets just look at this together. Maybe you were falsely accused of stealing candy or eating that extra mango or making some random comment, whatever it is, it hurts the same. Nothing is more painful than being accused of something you never did.

“I didnt do that. You are getting it wrong.” You scream but there is no one to listen to you. They have already drawn their own conclusions and are in no mood to listen to your side of the story. Yes, its painful, very painful.

So coming to my personal experience now. I was recently accused of plagarism by the firm and they rejected all my work. Now, those creative insights were my own. Yes, I had those creative thoughts and I put my heart and soul to put them into words and present it before the world. When I asked them to provide some supportive evidence for their allegations, I was asked to defend myself. I was really shocked to hear this. Next, I have my parents accusing me of taking wrong decisions affecting the entire family. Well, its my life and my choice. And its my creativity and my work. Why should any random person have the right to scar it with their false accusations?

I slowly started to grieve with compassion. I began to embrace all my pain as the will of the divine. I surrendered the situation to God and did all that I could. Yes, I do feel angry. But this anger isnt helping me in any way. 

Forgiveness is my magic wand. I forgive them for hurting me. Ibeautiful-beverage-bloom-749562 forgive them for all their bitter words and wrong doings. I deserve to be free of this pain. I no longer wish to carry this pain in my heart anymore. I am willing to release it all. I choose to be kind to myself and love myself even when no one else can love the real me.

Leaning on God is my way of dealing with this. I lean on him for support, I lean on love and I choose compassion. I accept the fact that he is there with me to drink the poison that is being poured into my life. He is there with me as I walk through thorny ways and stormy days. If he wishes, my dreams will come true and if not, then he will give me a shoulder to cry on. He is all there is. May his will be done.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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