Trust the Universe ( Surrender to love)

I stood there gazing at the night sky and felt so loved by her beauty. Those beautiful twinkling stars, the heart warming moonlight and the pleasant winds always open up my heart to the miracles in each moment. And then how wonderful it feels to look at the beautifully adorned night sky.

But what we see is not all there is. Those stars which appear like tiny dots are huge celestial beings glowing up there. The moon is a huge body held to the earth by strong gravitational forces. Its vast, its bigger than one can even imagine. But what we see is just the beautiful picture and nothing more.

Stars are born and after millions of years, they die. But we are hardly ever aware of this process. The atoms of light elements fuse under conditions of low temperature and extreme pressure and thats how the stars form. When the supply of the fuel runs out, these stars eventually die. So much more is going on in the life of those tiny dots we see in the sky.

There is a beautiful force governing all this. That force gives birth to the stars, makes them glow, keeps the universe together and supports life here on earth. That same force lies within us. That same force is what takes care of us and that very force aligns everything for us.

When the core of a star stops supplying it with the required amount of fuel, the star begins to die. When our heart centre does not supply us with love and faith, our hope begins to die. Our hope is what keeps us alive. Our hope is the guardian of our dreams. 

So much is going on in the universe. The stars are formed and desteoyed, the sun is expanding and the earth is revolving around it. But we hardly ever care about it. Why? Because we know that its being taken care of you. Then when it comes to our life’s problems, why are we so bent on controlling them?

Under certain conditions and experiences, under the influence of divine thoughts and the pressure of love, our wishes fuse together and a dream is born. It is constantly supplied by our heart centre. Its fuel is love and hope. As long as the fuel is there, it continues to glow. But then there are troubles and miseries too. If we let the fuel run out due to them, our dream will die. Why cant we just let the ultimate force of love take care of it?

Whats happening in the universe is happening beautifully without our intervention. The sun is expanding and they say that it will die one day. Black holes are formed, meteors hit the earth and millions of stars are created and destroyed. The force is governing all this so perfectly.

Then why do we doubt this force when it comes to our own life? It will create stars of hope and the burning sun of desires will expand. Miseries too will be born under conditions of low self love and extreme pressure of society. But their fuel, that is the fear, will run out one day and they too shall die.

There is absolutely no need for us to interfere in the divine plan. All we need to do is to do is to show up when we are called for it. You cannot control the celestial bodies. Similarly, you cannot control the happenings of your life. So why even try?

SURRENDER is not just a term, its a law. TRUST is not just a word, its a path. If the planets do not follow their orbits there wont be any harmony left in the universe. Similarly, if you do not revolve on the path of trust around the divine will, there wont be any harmony in your life as well.

INTERFERENCE disrupts all peace and harmony. What if the earth said that she wouldnt revolve on the given path? Or what if all the planets started having arguments every now and then? The universe would collapse. This is what happens to our peaceful universe when we interfere.

When stars die, some of them are converted into white dwarfs which glow due to their stored thermal energy. In those moments when we feel lifeless and hopeless, there is still that stored energy of love within us making us glow. The force of love is always within us. Its never gone.

The earth revolves and rotates. It shows up for its dharma of supporting life. Even we are being called to serve. We are being called to show up for the afterglow-art-backlit-556669blur-blurred-background-bokeh-870866glories of life without trying to control the outcomes. When you revolve around the divine plan, there will be seasons of joy and sadness, thats not in your hands. That will never be under your control. But yes, the earth is still safe and so shall you be as the force protecting you both is always the same and remember that it lies within you and works for you.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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