Surviving miserable times


We all long for those few moments of peace in our turbulent lives. In harsh times and on stormy days, we all look for shelter and security everywhere. The uncertainity of life scares us and we are unable to see the path ahead due to the thick fog of fear hovering in our heads. Relief is what we need. Relief is what can calm our anxious minds. We all long to be relieved of this misery.


In such times, service is the only thing which can relieve us of our pain. If you feel powerless and cannot do anything for yourself, then go and help those in need. Serve your fellow beings with love. Be it a loving comment on someone’s social media post, a heartfelt message to a distant friend or sending a beautiful greeting card to someone you love, these are all acts of service. These acts can range from a warm hug to even financial aid.


We all have our own list of beautiful wishes and we desperately want them to come true. But wishes do remain unfulfilled either because they werent for the highest good of all or they are going to come true in an even better way. Offer all your wishes to the divine will and embrace all that comes up for you. Remaining tied to your wishes causes nothing but pain and grief. Release this and embrace all that comes up, be it good or miserable.


In these miserable times, we all hope for a better tomorrow. We all hope for miracles. We all hope for peace and prosperity. And very often we feel that our hopes have been crushed. Using hope as your torchlight means to hope for a better understanding of divine will, to hope for a clearer understanding of your life lessons and to hope for more strength and faith in the divine.aromatherapy-bloom-blossom-355722

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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