Overcoming TV show addictions

Do you feel the constant urge to watch your favourite show even when you dont have time for it? Do you feel overwhelmed and worried when you miss an epidode? Yes, most of us do feel this way. Being hooked to your favourite show is not an uncommon thing. But lets just pause and discuss a few things about this. This is just a heart to heart talk.


We all love watching our favourite shows on television. How lovely it is to turn on the television and enjoy our favourite shows.

When I was a kid, things used to be really simple. You got to watch your favourite cartoons or kids shows only at a particular time. I still remember jotting down the dates and timings for my favourite animated movies especially the  one named “Scooby doo and the ghoul school.” My friend and I marked the date in our calendar and arranged all things accordingly.

But these days, we have online platforms where you can watch a single episode as many times as apartment-architecture-bedroom-892618you want. That maybe good but then there are those times when we watch a single episode over and over again or go on to watch the entire series several times. There is this constant craving and want for more which no longer is enjoyable. Its time consuming and draining.


Sometimes, we love the show so much that all we can think of is the fictional world we wish to be a part of. Focussing on work becomes almost impossible and waiting for new episodes feels like dreading the weekends. What was supposesd to be a source of fun soon becomes a source of necessity.


Very often you maybe extremely tired and still feel the need to watch it. This wont work out well for you. Your life shouldnt be governed by such things. Allow yourself the space to relax and settle down. Allow your mind to relax and do a short meditation to let go of such thoughts. Live your life with ease and fun.


Very often we crave for shows which numb certain deep rooted wounds within us. We maybe hooked to a show based on romantic love because we are single or we maybe hooked to a show which is based on friendships because we might be feeling lonely. Refusing to show up for the issues in your life and getting lost in a world of fiction is not the right thing to do.


These include reading a good book while having a cup of coffee, having light hearted talks while sitting in your balcony or enjoying the breeze while on a walk. You can also decorate your room or spend some nice time by putting on some soothing music while making your bed or writing letters to distant relatives. Create some nice and cosy moments which can be as simple as reading or sewing or spending some quiet time relaxing and rejuvenating. You can also buy some new letter pads and start composing your own prayers or inspirational songs. Adopt a short workout or yoga routine. You can take the help of youtube videos for this. Learn some new stuff like reading a book on home decor or bonding with mother earth or manifesting. Join informational and supportive wellness groups on facebook like meditation groups, book reading groups or health and relationship groups. Focus on sharing your problems and participate in group discussions.


You can go on watching your favourite show but not at the expense of your peace of mind. If you feel that the craving is too strong, then take some time out and listen to interviews by health and relationship experts. Some of them are always available for free on youtube. You can watch new episodes of MarieTV, interviews on Bexlife, inspiring talks on flourishinggoddess and podcasts on Brettlarkin. Watch some nice inspiring movies like, ” A wish for christmas”, “A family for christmas,” “The sweetest christmas,” and “the shift.”

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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