Looking for love? Read this.


We all wish for someone to bring love into our lives. We really want to meet a friend or partner or a coach who understands us and does not judge us. For every decision we take we are continuously judged by our parents and neighbours. This leaves us feeling upset and uncared for. Sick of these judgements, we long for someone who would be able to see the light in us.

But the truth is that we all judge. Even you judge your parents and your neighbours. All of us are continuously placing judgements upon each other. Each time you expect someone to accept you without judging you, you will be left disappointed.


When we want someone to love us, we always end up feeling hurt and judged. The only way to feel loved is to serve with love. The person whom you truly wish to serve with love is in reality the right one for you. The friendship you wish to serve, the relationship in which you wish to give without expecting, such relations are the bonds of love.

This however does not mean that you allow someone to walk all over you. The moment you feel that you no longer wish to serve this person or you are having a hard time giving your love to this relationship, then its time to stop and think.


We are often told that we should serve our parents, our teachers, our neighbours and all those who have played important roles in our upbringing.

The bittersweet truth is that this will cannot be forced upon you. Many times this will is not cultivated for the people in our family. The reason is not that we dont love them or value them but that this will has its own beautiful nature which is connected to the highest order of love and that is divine love.


When we become aware of our will to serve a particular relationship, we need to release all our judgements. Witnessing how you judge people and then slowly bringing in kindness to all situations fills you up with love.

Your will is all thats needed. There is no need to let go of all expectations and judgements all at once. Simply be willing to let go. Pray and surrender. Pick up your magic wand of compassion and share the suffering of others. Dwell in light and soon all you see will be light.


When it comes to deciding whom do you wish to serve and whether it is your family, your friends, your teachers or your community. The answer it simple. Those who help you to surender your pain and fear help you to connect with the love within you. When you are in alignment with love, you can clearly feel the glow and see the light of love sparkling in their eyes. This is what people see in their soulmates or friends or loved ones.


What makes you feel free and relieved? Which relatioart-background-beautiful-1028707nship is not tied to any bonds other than love? Those relations in which you feel caged and those who are not willing to open their heart to your service will never be benefitted by it.

Serve those  who allow your love to enter their hearts. Serve those who are willing to receive. In this service you will find the ultimate freedom from all judgements and expectations.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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