For all my lonely readers( Welcoming the gift of Love)

No one likes being alone. We all love company and the warmth of relationships. But so often we find ourselves all alone scrolling through the social media or surfing through the internet for no apparent reasons.

How I would love to spend an evening baking cookies while my friends and family settle down for a nice treat of hot coffee and lots of talking. We all love evenings like that but sometimes we find ourselves all alone and lost in silence.

So if you feel alone and long for a beautiful evening in the company of your loved ones, then its a grest thing to unblock the flow of love and dwell in its warm embrace.


When we are betrayed by friends, looked down upon by neighbours and insulted by family members, we feel such intense pain that our already wounded heart can no longer bear it.

So in order to protect our tender heart from suffering this pain, we lock it up to keep the pain out. But in doing so we are also keeping the love out.

Open your heart to receive love. Start witnessing your wounds slowly. Pray and surrender. Forgive and send love to those who hurt you. COMPASSION IS THE KEY TO UNLOCK YOUR HEART. Release slowly all that no longer serves you. Bring kindness to all past resentments. Step by step let all resentments go and dissolve them with kindness.


Do not try to burden yourself with the sorrows and sufferings of others. That will do you no good. Give them a hug, send them love, be there for them and do your best but for this you need not take their pain into your heart. In this way, you arent helping them in any way. You cannot spread love until you are trapped in pain and fear. Keep your light glowing and serve them with love.


Call up your family members and have a pleasant talk. Mostly, we often end up having heated arguments with those we love. Do not target topics which might trigger disagreements. Have lengthy and pleasant conversations with them. Make them feel loved and cared for.


In place of the usual evening tea, make some nice hot chocolate and enjoy it with your kids or siblings. Knit  beautiful sweaters for your grandparents. Buy a new shawl for your grandma. Give your mom a nice head massage with her favourite  hair oil. Sit down with your dad and watch an old movie or have a pleasant discussion about painting the house or getting new furniture for the house. Listen to your grandfather as he narrates his life long experiences. Send postcards with little messages of love on them.


Our friends too are the ones we love sharing our experiences with. Write them a letter or an email sharing all your bittersweet experiences with them. Invite them for a nice evening with cakes and cookies. You can also get together and make christmas cards, birthday items or some other handmade stuff.

If you wish to make new friends easily, do read my post on this.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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