Do you find it hard to move on?


There are times when you want to move on and leave the past behind. It can be a broken friendship, a relationship which no longer serves you or a dream you no longer wish to pursue. You do wish to have a fresh start but your shadow self has something else to say.

She jusy cant let go. She is still holding on to past love and past pursuits. She is still stuck in the past and feels that it isnt correct to choose a different path. She fears the results and does not believe that anything good will come out of this.


Many times in life, moving on becomes really confusing. We get mixed messages from the universe which we are unable to interpret. Be it a love affair or an old career path, we fear if its right to leave it behind. We are unable to be clear in our thinking.


Goddess Hecate helps us with this. She helps us to see clearly the lessons from our past and she enables us to visualise our future self in her full glory. However inspite of working with her I could not understand why the past turned out to be how it was. But yes, I did see my future self smiling and content in her peaceful abode.

Lessons from the past are what we need to remember. Yes, it is often hard to extract these lessons. Our mind puts up questions like,” Why did this happen to me?”, “Why it didnt work out?”, “Why only me?”

The truth is that instead of focussing on the WHY and remaining stuck with these questions simply say “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE LESSONS OF MY PAST.” The lessons shall slowly be revealed to you.

As for your future, obsessing about it does no good. But yes, imagining your dreams being fulfilled and believing in them is the thing to do.

But when you are faced to make a tough decision in the present, then it isnt wise to take it on the basis of fear or confusion. Its always best to listen to your soul’s calling or your dharma. ” What is my soul calling me to do?”, “Who am I being asked to serve?.”


Each time you make a choice to move on and leave something or someone behind, there is some guilt associated with it. Deep within you, you can feel that somewhere and in some way you were wrong.

Take responsibilty for your actions. Show up with love and surrender. Walk on the path of dharma and if that person or thing was meant to stay or not you shall know. Dont focus too much on where you went wrong or how you were wronged. Give up the figt. Release all judgements and send love to all. Be kind to yourself and remember that the divine is always guiding you.

My teacher once told me a beautiful story. Once there was a man walking through the desert. He noticed that there were two feet always following him wherever he went. On one particular day, the feet werent following him anymore. Not knowing what was happening, he prayed to God to show him the truth. Thats when God said to him,”It was me following you all around. Today you were going on the wrong path. So I picked you up in my arms. The two feet you have been seeing today were mine and not yours.”


I often say this that the only moment when we can connect with the divine love is now. What lies within us is who we truly are. Love is who we are. Service is the art of love and surrender is opening the door to love and miracles. The moment you surrender to divine will, the door of your heart acorn-advent-blur-278508opens and love flows in leading you to light.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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