Feeling ashamed and guilty? Read this with love.

bloom-blossom-flora-39517aromatherapy-bamboo-basket-259810WHEN THINGS DONT GO YOUR WAY

There are those times when people will not support you, your finances might not be well managed and nothing goes according to your plans. Then there are those times when you are afraid of your worst fears coming true. There are also those times when you are broke and being cursed and humiliated by everyone around you. There are even those times when you feel your dreams and desires being crushed under the burdens of the society.

Yes, all these times do exist. Yes, it is scary to face them and the fear just doesnt let you breathe. Its okay, whatever is happening is still according to the divine will. Nothing ever happens against his will.

If you are experiencing fearful situations, remember that he has put you there and will help you at each and every step. If no one understands you, remember that he is your guide and hold his helping hand. If you feel that what is happening to you is unfair, remember that all that is happening is for the highest good of all. And if you find it difcicult to survive, just surrender the situation to him and show up for it. Showing up is all you need to do, the rest is for him to take care of.


There are times when your dreams are either in danger due to lack of money or because the time is not in your favour. There are times when financial issues begin to crush your hopes, the timing seems incorrect and everyone around you keeps on creating troubles for you.

In these times, embrace his will and serve others. Service is the pathway to liberation. Whenever you feel caged in the restraints of time, money and support and feel that you can do nothing to help yourself, then just go and help others. Hug someone, send them love, cultivate compassion for your trouble makers and forgive them. Love creates beauty and music. Love creates bliss. In those moments when you give love to someone, you feel peace.


There are those times when you feel ashamed of yourself for quitting your job because you wanted to try something new, you are ashamed of being broke and following your passion. Then there are those times when you feel ashamed of breaking up with your partner and having to give explanations, you feel ashamed of facing it all. Then there are even those times when you feel ashamed of living on your parents’ money and feel helpless about it.

In these times, when shame and guilt begin to suffocate you then remember that compassion is the only antidote to it.

Compassion heals all shame. It reminds you that you need to be kind to yourself. If no one is kind to you, then at least you can be kind to yourself and stop beating yourself up. Remember that you are not alone in this. So many people around the world are going tbrough the same misery. Things may be scary and out of control but you must bring kindness to every situation. Share the sorrows and sufferings of others and send them love. Trust me, all those who make you feel ashamed really feel unloved from within. Everytime their comments hurt you, send them love and keep going. Share your pain with the world and embrace the pain of others. This will make you feel good about yourself. Compassion is your magic wand which heals all wounds of shame.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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