Stress, money, worry and faith

We all have hidden hopes and dreams. We do believe in the grace of all Gods and Goddessess. We do pray for miracles. But is there really a place for love in this world? Is faith really enough to survive and thrive?

Let me share my story here if you would love to listen. A few months back I had a really beautiful spiritual awakening and I developed the courage to believe in my dreams. I started believing that we all can live the lives of joy and fulfillment. I started working towards my happiness neglecting all the harsh words people would say. I took decisions to which my logical mind didnt agree and I ended up setting boundaries which hurt many people.

On this journey, when I now have no money and no friends, I wonder if money is whats needed. Being rich gets you respect,being rich gets you support, freedom and above all it gives you the right to pursue your dreams.

I feel that on my journey my dreams will have to take a backseat if I really need to earn some money. But I dont want that to happen. I wonder if one can  live her way only if she has enough money for it.

So, in this world a person lives according to a time table provided by the society. You are born, you study, you work, you raise a family and thats all. Those who are rich are free to take  different path and those who arent can try.

Well, I did try and failed repeatedly. I did make efforts and didnt succeed. I did pray for miracles but nothing changed.

So, I am not here to doubt faith or question the concept of miracles. I  am here to just write about those times when nothing seems all right,  our faith is shaking and our hopes are diminishing.

I recently watched “The shift” starring Dr. Wayne Dyer. It talks about the shift from ambition to meaning. In my understanding, we are at times stuck in sh*t. We try desperately to get out of it. Then we add an”f” to it. This “f” is Faith. The faith which keeps us safe and hopeful. The faith which becomes our magic wand and connects us to the glories of the universe.

But what if the reality is not what we think it should be? What if nothing gets better? Then what is this shift about? A course in miracles says that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. But what if it doesnt change anything? What if we are still stuck in sh*t? What if we are unsupported? What if…………………………….

This mystery continues to deepen as we move ahead. When situations get tough and nothing good happens, we wonder what is this shift about? Is it about faith or oneness or finding our purpose in life? Is it about shifting our perception or is it about changing the way we live? Does a shift inbalance-cobblestone-conceptual-279470angel-art-artistic-187069 perception really change our lives for the better?

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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