Money, work and God

Money has become the reason behind all arguments. I notice myself listening to inspirational speeches, life coaches and discussions and saying,” Well, you maybe right. But that stuff works only when you have the money for it.”

Lets face it. Everything in this world is defined by money. You get respected if you have money, you get to choose if you can afford your choices and you get to live life on your own terms only if you can pay for it.

Money has now become a source of freedom. The term “Financial Independence” now encompasses emotional, spiritual and even personal independence. You cannot ask your boss to stop humiliating you, you cannot ask your neighbours to stop making fun of your work unless you are rich enough. If you are earning well, then you are termed as a succesful, hardworking and a responsible citizen.

If you arent earning well, then you are termed as a burden on your family, the society and the world. How much you earn defines who you are.

Now, if I apply my spiritual knowledge here, they say that who you are has nothing to do with what you do and how much you earn. We all came from divine love and we all are divine love. But the world and the people here do not seem to agree to this. Then how do I survive in this world?

Being broke has become a source of shame and low self esteem. You cannot happily interact with people, you cannot breathe without feeling guilty and you simply cannot think of others respecting you.

Now the question here is that in such a state of low self esteem how does one find peace and stability?  How does one put up with all the shame and disrespect?cake-coffee-couch-8791

So, I agree that our source of love and respect lies within us and we should not look upto others for it. But then, you cant ask them to shut up if you are broke and living off their money. They will continue to shower you with words of bitterness and hatred and make you realize that you are a constant pain in their neck.

Well, this is how it is. Its true that all of us are good enough. We all are unique and our income cannot define how hard we work or how talented we are. I remember working harder than most of my seniors and getting paid one tenth of what they get. There are people who write much less than I do and get paid in millions. That doesnt make me lazy or less talented. Its just how it is.

Its just how it is and maybe your family, your neighbours and those around you cannot get it. Yes, they wont respect you, they will be mean to you and they will never appreciate what you do. Yes, you will feel hurt and abandoned. We all do. We all have emotions. But you know the truth and God knows it too and thats enough.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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