Seeing the LIGHT in you Chap 1- Overburdened with bitterness


Stop waiting for people to understand you because they never will. They are not you. They cannot see your journey through your eyes. Yes, they will judge you and their harsh opinions might hurt you. They will never find out why you said that or why you did that. This doesnt make you right or make them wrong. It just makes you YOU and them THEM. And you certainly dont want to be them.


The world is a stage with its eyes on you. Yes, thats true. No one ever minds their own business. They will for sure question you, doubt you and of course pressurise you to follow what they say. They do so because they lack love and dwell in fear. You may call them mean and wrong minded. But they are in a state of denial of their true self.

But when you realise who you are and that means the divine herself, you will know that the shame you feel comes from your desire to be appreciated. Drop the desire, detach from the very source of your fear so that you can connect with your true purpose.


When we are continuously judged and criticised for our actions, we feel helpless and victimised. These feelings in turn convert into anger which over the period of time turns into resentment.

The rising bouts of anger within us are really frustrating. We feel that anger gives us strength. But strength without love and compassion is toxic for us. We shall discuss how to heal with this in the chapters to come.


So we are hurt, we feel upset and heart broken. We dont want to feel this way. So we numb ourselves and in doing so we create blocks in the flow of love.

We lose that cheerfulness we once had, we lose that playfulness, that smile and above all the will to love and be loved by all.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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