In love with being BROKE Chap 1- The one word behind it all


Whether it is the profession you choose or the partner you want to marry, the city you want to live in or the type of life you dream of living, you are always faced with questions like,

But what about making a living?

Is he earning enough to support both of you?

Dont you think you need to move to a bigger city for making more money?

How will you earn enough if you dont give up on your free time?

You need to struggle more in order to earn more? Do you have any idea about the rising unemployment?

Thats okay for a hobby, but will it be able to pay for all your expenses?

Every single choice we make has to go through the money mindset test of the society. Every single decision and action has to pass the money making exam and only when we get a good score can we go ahead with it. Yes, the one word behind all our stress and misery is MONEY.


Now, thats strange. How come words like “slave” and “independence” come together in one frame? But very often they do. In a bid and race to get a good earning and be financially independent we become a slave to fear. We do not take a stand for ourselves because we are afraid of being kicked out of the firm. We stay shut when people openly threaten and humiliate us. We are worried about our career being ruined so much so that we feel its okay to live a life of low self esteem. We tolerate shit*y remarks, humiliating comments and everyday we greet our tormentors too. Maybe not all of us go through this. Some do have a really perfect workplace experience but on the other hand we are more fond of having skilled co- workers around us rather than having true friends, how much you earn is how much you get respected.

I remember being a class topper in my eighth grade when my mom said these words to me,

“Remember, all that you have is because you excel in studies. You have friends, teachers approve of you  because of this.”

Those words were really my truth at that time as all I had gained was a bunch of complements and classmates who stuck with me because they were drawn to my grades, not who I was. Maybe all of them werent like that.


And now comes the heart-breaking question. Why do you need to be financially independent or why do you need to earn more money? Yes, you need to pay for all your expenses, you need to live in a big house, you want to support your family, you want to educate your kids, you want to live the life you love.

Now, lets hear the last one again. YOU WANT TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE?

Are all your actions directed towards this? Or are you living the life you were told to live?


Okay, so you love your family and want to buy a new house for them. You want to educate your kids in the best schools. You want to gift your sweetheart that beautiful pearl bracelet. And you love God, so you want to get an idol made of silver or gold.

Now, this seems really strange how money has become an integral part in expressing our love.

My story of trash cards

So now, I would like to share a little excerpt of my story with you. I would be gifted these beautiful and expensive greeting cards on my birthday. Some would even be hand made ones with a lot of effort gone in making them. Beautiful they were, but meaningless to me. I know it sounds harsh, but after a month or so I would throw them away. Not because I got bored of them , but because what I loved was the greetings I got and the moments of togetherness we celebrated. With those moments having passed away, those cards seemed like bits of paper adding to my clutter. Well now, before you start lashing out at me for being so insensitive, let me tell you that everyone on this planet is different. I know people who keep cards, books, gifts as nicely as sacred scriptures. But not all are like that.

The reason I told you my story is that the involvement of money in expressing our love is only the society’s defectively created ritual which prevents us from looking at the precious moments of life.

Maybe you choose not to attend your friend’s party because you cant buy her a gift thus missing the golden chance of bonding. Maybe you are worried about buying that new car for your family causing you to push away the good that is always there for you.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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