Shining your light Chap 2-The castle of burdens

The biggest hurdle in shining our light is the castle of burdens which fills us with darkness. We carry so much within us that darkness creeps in and dims our light. Lets talk about a few soul crushing burdens


Negative remarks, hurtful comments, opinions and facts, all these burden us with fear. We slowly develop shame and guilt which over the period of time starts paving a way for the darkness to settle in.

It is extremely essential to heal judgements and rise above all bitterness. Be willing to let go, be willing to forgive. Forgiveness means to cut all cords and no longer direct your energies towards those people. Instead you focus only on shining your own light. Letting go of pain instead of trying to hold on to it sets us free from the cycle of exchange of negative energy. Letting go is something that comes through practice, meditation , prayer and rituals. Most importantly, even when you feel hurt and angry, feel it, cry over it but get back to light quickly.


When will I start earning? Does this work offer a generous income?

We all have our own set of fears and worries around money. No one wants to experience a lack of money and we all need an income to thrive.

You are born to be rich. You are created by the breath of the moon,  the fire of the sun and the beauty of the stars. Being filled with the richness of love, money and wisdom you get all that is already yours. All you need to do is keep showing up for what you truly love and keep the light glowing.

Believe in your dreams, ask the divine for money with no guilt, trust the universe and allow the money to flow to you by being open to all  there is.


We doubt our intentions, our creations, our abilities and even the divine will. We all have our inner critic which I call the “princess voice” and our true loving voice which I call the “Goddess voice.” Whenever princess tries to take the power, simply remind her that GODDESS KNOWS BEST. The divine within you, call it your inner voice, your intuition or the divine whispers it is your only source of guidance leading you to the path of love and light. The more you are in love with yourself, the closer you are to being the best version of yourself.


Lack of clarity weighs down heavily upon our heart and soul. Being clear in your goals, intentions, passions is good as you can easily focus your attention on what you want. But if this isnt your case, then praying for guidance, meditating for receiving guidance, engaging till you get clear and realising what feels good are the easiest and perhaps the only ways to get clarity.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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