Shining your light Chap 1- Comfort as the source of light

We all are lighthouses shining and glowing with light. We are beautiful glittering divine beings created with the purpose of shining our light. But very often we arent doing so. We choose to dim our light to fit into the society. But no one can have a sparkling life if they choose to turn off the light.

Whem we are glowing with light, we dwell in abundance. When we choose to shine our light, we make a choice to light up the world.


In oder for us to shine our light, we need to be truly comfortable in what we are doing. Now this does not mean that its easy or we dont have to face challenges.

Comfort is that glitter of light which when comes to us helps us sparkle evem more.

Checking in with yourself

To determine whether we are in comfort or not, see how you feel being in that state. If you feel comoassion, gain clarity, are able to create chetishable moments and choose love over fear, you are in heavenly comfort


When we cultivate compassipn for ourelves rather than placing judgements upon us, we shed all the shame and guilt and accept all that is. Being kind towards yourself makes you more open to love and grace.


If we are not confused and our mind is free of useless thoughts, we can turn our attention to our heart and be in the comfort of our glowing light.


Every moment spent in comfort of love is cherished. In all such moments you feel the glow from within. You feel ease and comfort.


We always have the right to choose comfort over stress. Being comfortable means accepting what is and being aware of the glow within. Now when I say that “I am confortable in my own skin” this means that I accept and love myself as I am. When we choose comfort over worry, stress and fear, we open up our hearts to love and peace.



Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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