BEING FIRE(Rising like the phoenix) Chap 4- Rising from the ashes

Opening to miracles

Once you shift your perception from fear to love you project it onto the movie of your life. Miracles are these shifts which change your life by changing the way you perceive it. This is what “A course in miracles” talks about.

The course says that miracles occur naturally to us. And if they dont, then something has gone wrong. We unconsciously put blocks in the flow of miracles. Opening to miracles is opening your heart to the the truth of love. You will be lifted far above from this mess if only you are willing. Your will to change your perceptions is all thats needed.

Stepping into the unknown

Dont be afraid of uncertainity. Thats where you have a chance of creating something different. Your fear can trick you into staying in that false zone of security. But you are not sent into this planet to live a fearful life. Dont be afraid of experiences that are lessons in disguise. Trust me, I have hit the worst rock bottoms in my life and I am grateful for them. Not because I have any more material gains now, but because I have begun to learn and experience what I have been created to learn.

Money love diaries

This evening, as I sat in my meditation practice, I met Goddess Lakshmi. She appeared as a pinkish peach haze of light and I received her loving message. She made me realise what money is for me. Uptil now I considered money as a source of my existence and as a proof of my success. But she told me that money for me is that new book I want to buy, the online course I want to join, the dream home I wish to purchase and the tour I want to go for. As I listened to her, I fell in love with money. And then she told me that I deserve it all, not because of what I do, but because every soul is worthy of her love and grace.

Setting healthy boundaries

Allowing others to cross their boundaries and disturb your peace is not a wise thing to do. Speak authentically and lovingly. Boundaries are also set telepathically. My parents dont understand my dreams. Though I love them, I silently tell them to stay away from my work and this miraculously works.

Accept the guidance and serve

Trust the divine whispers of your soul. Trust what is to come. Serve the divine as in doing so you are serving your own good. Shine your light and let love flow in and like a phoenix rise from the ashes.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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