BEING FIRE(Rising like the phoenix) Chap 3-Awakening the divine flame within

Working with the Goddesses

Now, this is more of a story of my personal experience. I was having a really hard time at my job. I didnt know why. Everything was perfectly fine. But I had that constant feeling of being somewhere I didnt want to be. I always felt afraid as I would never be keeping my work upto date and all I could think of was skipping projects and assignments. Ultimately, I developed a very low self esteem and began thinking of myself as a lazy fool who could not even handle a job. Days went by until one day, I had had enough. I was done. I quit without any known reasons.

It was then that I started watching videos of flourishing goddess on youtube and was totally amazed by Syma’s teachings. As a sacred feminine coach and healer, she presented a whole new concept of spirituality, one I had never heard of before.

Thats when I realised that earlier in my life, I had prayed to Goddess Mahakali to help me. And the Goddess is ruthless. She chops off your fear filled head and awakens within you the light of love. Thats when I realised the reason for the discomfort I felt at my job. My soul was calling me for something else and the Goddess was literally doing tandav(a fierce form of dance) within me. That explained why I felt a lot of dis- ease at work.

Slowly and steadily, as i began to work with the other Goddesses, I realised that my soul longed for adventure when I met Goddess Lilith, I cultivated compassion for myself and others when I met Goddess Kuan-Yin, I learnt to speak my truth authentically and own my NO when I met Goddess Hecate, I could feel the divine flame of creativity and shakti burn within me when I met Goddess Brigid and as of now, I am working with Goddess Lakshmi to heal my money wounds.

Facing the destruction

Stop leaning on fear and running away from truth. Until you face it, it will keep getting back at you. Facing and speaking your truth is what makes you embrace the change. Look at the ashes and accept them for what they are. When life gives you rotten tomatoes, stop wishing for them to go back to how they were. Start thinking how you can make the very best tomato ketchup.

Bring in the fire of transformation

Everything fell apart because its now falling into place. In your heart you always knew it. You knew that this relationship wont last but your fear and dependency made you cling to it. You knew this career is not your passion but you couldnt walk out. Accept it, you always knew that this destruction was about to happen.

Bring in the fire of alchemisation and the light of love. Let it burn down castles of fear and mansions of resistance.

Flames of wisdom

You are wise enough to know whats for your highest good, if only you can tap into the ocean of love and wisdom within you.The flames of wisdom will burn down all false illusions. You may not have realised but the friendship you lost was toxic for your soul, the partner who left you has gone for good and the money you lost was gone for a reason. Let these flames teach you the highest truths of life.

Flames of love, power and passion

Once you know your highest truth, the flames of love ignite within you the spark of passion in all aspects. Now you no longer settle for less. You believe that you deserve a profession you are passionate about, a partner you connect with on a deeper level, a friend who is your honest emotional support system and you have the power to have it all.


Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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