BEING FIRE(Rising like the phoenix) Chap 2- Being your own guide

Letting them go/ Cutting the cords

They left you in misery. It did hurt a lot. There are people around you to help you. There are people who love you. But there is no one who truly understands you and honestly supports your dreams. All your parents say is that you have been a fool. All they tell you is to get going and catch up with your life. Yes, they think they are right. If only they can see that catching up with the ashes only makes you an easy target to be blown away by the winds of change. Catching up with those same old patterns and living as a victim of change is nothing but stupidity. You are meant to embrace the change and become what you are meant to be.

Cutting the cords doesnt mean that you push your loved ones out of your life. It means to detach yourselves from the cycle of energy exchange such that you are at a place where their opinions and judgements have no power. Detachment is the path to ultimate surrender. Its only when you detach yourself from judgements and toxic relationships can you surrender to the divine will which is the highest and most accurate source of guidance.

Welcoming love into your life

Once you have begun your practice of cutting the toxic cords, be willing to see all your relationships in the new light of love. See which relatipnships need healing and which need to end. When you choose the path of love, you are in alignment with the highest order of truth and in this state some relationships will mend while others will end.

See where you are stopping the flow of love. See where you have put blockages in your vessels of love. See where you have created hurdles in the journey of love. If you were betrayed you are afraid of trusting someone again. If your best friend didnt treat you well, you no longer trust friendships. Deep within yourself, you have wounds on which you have applied band aid in the form of resistance and blockages. You feel that your wounds have healed but you are avoiding those scars which are not letting you to let love in.

See and check within yourself. You maybe in a loveless job or a loveless relationship. Maybe you were told that every job sucks and friends are not to be trusted. Maybe you are carrying the idea that love is only for some lucky ones. But love is the elixir of life. You need not only a romantic partner, but all areas of your life need the light of love and the kiss of truth.

Learning and allowing

When I hit my first rock bottom, I started learning about meditation and self empowerment. But it was only when I hit my next rock bottom almost a year later that I realised that catching up with the same old patterns of life does you no good. It was then that I started learning even more. Everyone is different. You can start learning from any resources you have got. When you make the effort to learn, you are allowing the correct source of guidance to flow into your life.

If you were betrayed, then playing the blame game does you no good. Learn about your wrong choices and heal your judgements, thus allowing love to flow in. If you are broke, then learn where you went wrong, heal your relationship with money, start with any free resources you have. I started learning from free online classes and youtube videos about meditation and its types. I then purchased a few books on kindle which I could afford. I searched for free interviews and blog posts, and anything else I could afford.

Prayer as your power source

When you pray, you communicate with the divine. And in doing so, you shut off your fear mind and let yourself connect to your true loving self. Each word that you say spins the glowing ball of light within your heart. But please, dont make your prayers as dictations to God. Be open to his will. Pray for the highest good of your soul and surrender all your fears to him.

Trusting what comes

You will be given all thats for the highest good of your soul. Yes, things may not go back to the way they were. But if you allow God to have his way, life will unfold in a way you could never have imagined. Its much simpler than you can ever think and you are closer than you feel.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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