Dwell in discipline Chap 3- Meditation, the treasure chest of wisdom

Setting up your own meditation practice is another thing which enables you to dwell in the realm of love and discipline. Meditation enables you to tune into your own inner wisdom where you might get most of the answers you go about searching for.

Lets keep this simple and sweet. You will choose whats best for you.

Types of meditations according to the type of medium

1- Audio/ downloadable mp3

These are excellent for instant healing. The sound effects and the soothing voice quickly helps you to disconnect from the material world and tap into yourself.

2- Reading written meditation practices

These are really good if you wish to go through the experience slowly and at your own pace. These do require a bit of focus but do offer great insights.

3- Healing affirmations

If you really dont feel like sitting and visualising, then repeating mantras and affirmations is a beautiful way to heal.

4- Self created meditations

Mostly, what I do is to sit in silence and focus on my breath. Then as my thoughts keep flowing in and out, I let whispers and visions flow in as my imagimation connects me to the light within.

Types of meditations according to their nature

There are several types like relaxing meditations, mini-mental vacation, meditations for sleep, self hypnosis, Goddess meditations for overcoming fear, Kundalini meditations for oneness, meditations to be here now, meditations for stress, anxiety and so on. But what strike me most are meditations for compassion starting with self compassion, meditations for surrender, forgiveness and receptivity.

You cultivate compassion for yourelf instead of accumulating shame and guilt which helps you to release toxic grudges and set yourself free followed by surrendering your fears and receiving divine grace.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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