Sparkling delight Chap 7- Do you feel drained?

There are those days when we feel so drained that working towards our dreams gets really hard. Maybe we didnt sleep well or there are toxic people around us draining us emotionally or we just feel a little low. Whatever it is, we are left feeling extremely exhausted and drowsy.

Talking about this, playing the blame game does you no good. Maybe you have a family to look after with no one to help you or you have family members whose hurtful comments are crushing your soul, maybe you are too stressed about it all. Whatever it is, its extremely important to take full responsibility for our dreams.

PRINCIPLE 1- Self compassion is a must.

Instead of beating yourself up the whole time, be compassionate towards yourself. Its okay to take a break, its okay to fall off track. There is only one thing thats not okay and that is to quit. Keep getting back to your dreams no matter what happens.

PRINCIPLE 2- The antidote to toxicity

There is only one antidote to the toxic people and situations in your life and that is your vision. Having a vision that you truly love will help you to keep going no matter what.

PRINCIPLE 3- Detachment from the not so good vibes

If there are people in your family who just dont get it, thats okay. Let them be. They dont have an apetite for your work. Maybe you love them and cannot move away, thats okay too. Simply detach yoursrlf from them. You can do this by not engaging in unnecessary conversations with them, letting yourself feel the pain and initiating the process of healing, meditating to clear away the mental clutter and above all by not believing in them and not being threatened by their fear.

PRINCIPLE 4- Love as your energy booster

If you are having difficulty in getting back to work, wait a little and spend a few minutes on something which softens your heart. It can be a quick short meditation or listening to your favourite song or anything which lights you up.

PRINCIPLE 5- Sleepy head wisdom

If you are really too sleepy and cant seem to get a single thing into or out of your head, then simply let anything come out. Any thoughts, ideas, whatever they are. Even if they are not that good, let it out.

PRINCIPLE 6- Do it with grace

While working towards your dreams its extremely important that you take the help of the divine grace. When feeling low and drained out, say your prayers and be grateful for all you have. Replenish your faith by reading scriptures or other such books.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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