Home sweet home Chap 2- The light of hope

They are never going to change. They will never stop blaming you. Their opinions will always be the same. Yes, they may love you but they will never be able to see the glow within you.

Yes, you stay with them and dont know what to do. Yes, you do long to meet those who will understand you. Yes, you feel trapped. Even I do. We all hope for someone to shine that light of love on us. But that will only happen when we choose to shine the light within us.

Lets create some blissful moments. Those moments when you feel full of hope, those moments when you feel happy and the sweetness of home fills you. Lets create them together.

She wanted to spread across the sky as the rainbow but the rains in her life just wouldnt stop. But in her heart she held the vision, the spectrum of all colours and the hope of sunshine.

Hope is what creates these moments. Hope of something better, hope of our dreams coming true. Such moments of hope are created when you read the books which depict the victories of others, which have the wisdom and whispers of grace. Such moments of hope are created when you read that one article which generates enthusiasm within you.

She looked out of her window and saw the moonlight sparkling through the misty night. The night was dark but the stars still looked at her telling her to drop her fears.

Hope is what keeps you true to your dreams. Hope is the gateway for miracles. Hope is the door to heaven. Hope is the place from where begins the happily ever after. Such moments of hope are created when you watch that one movie in which the lead protagonist overcomes her fears, the show where the lead couple express their love for each other, the song which touches the emotions of connection.

She cried as they laughed at her. She cried as their words bruised  her heart. She wept in silence and lived in misery. But she created magic as she did not believe a word they said.

Hope is what helps you heal from the bitterness of words. Hope is what makes you believe in love. Hope is the breath of love.

Such moments of hope are created in solitude when you meditate, when you tap into yourself where your true wisdom lies.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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