Sparkling delight Chap 5- Deciding with clarity

So in this post I will really want to share with you some of the insights I have had which might be of help to everyone while making certain important decisions. This is something that I have learned during my spiritual journey from my teachers and the divine grace. Making choices can be tricky but if you just ease into the flow of faith, it will all become smoother.

INSIGHT 1- Be sure that your choice supports limitless expansion.

We are not born to live in contracted and limited ways. We are divine beings created to expand and lead a life beyond all limitations. We are created with an intention to sparkle and fill the world with light. Dont make a choice that dulls your sparkle.

INSIGHT 2- Be clear what you are focussing on.

You see that very often we look at statistics which reveal to us that 90% people failed. But the truth of life is that our focus should be on those 10% people who succeeded. While taking a decision be very sure if you are focussing on the right stuff. You cannot find your way to light till you keep on looking at the shadows of life. Embrace your shadows and bring them to light.

INSIGHT 3- What sort of guidance are you trusting?

Intuitive guidance is the best one to make choices. Do read Sonia Choquette’s books on this. She beautifully explains the power of intuition and the magic it creates.

INSIGHT 4- Be very clear on what you want now.

The only moment which you can call to be yours is NOW. You dont get to go back to the past to redo things. Neither do you get to have a look into your future. All you have is this moment. So dont base your decisions on other timings.

INSIGHT 5- Give your mind some rest.

Overthinking does nothing but stresses you out. You may not know but you make your best decisions when your mind is relaxed. Thats because in those times, you give your logical mind a break and tune into yourself where all the answers lie.

INSIGHT 6- You have the freedom to make mistakes.

Remember that even if you do make a wrong choice, the divine is here for you. The moment you ask for help you will be lifted up by the hands of light and put on the right path.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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