Sparkling delight Chap 4- Welcoming true friendship

So, this chapter is dedicated to all those who wish they had their very best friends with them. Maybe you had friends who turned out to be mean and selfish. Maybe you still have some who are only good enough to hang out with. But you so need that one true friend who is always there for you and makes that honest and sincere effort to be there with you.

So lets see how can we be more open to manifesting true and loving friendships in our life.

PRINCIPLE 1- Someone out there is looking for you

Always remember that there are wonderful people out there who too are feeling the way you feel. They share your passions and griefs, your happiness and your dreams. Keep up your hopes high because faith and hope are the gateway to miracles.

PRINCIPLE 2- You cannot find your Doraemon till you refuse to be Nobita.

Now unless you are willing to be honest with your weaknesses and accept the fact that you do need someone to lean on, you arent going to find someone. I always wish for you to be strong enough, but stop walking about with the “I am good all by myself” attitude. It does push people away.

PRINCIPLE  3- Expect someone like Shin Chan

Now if you have seen the show, you might be aware of the fact that Shin Chan does create a little trouble and how his friends do often get annoyed with him. Now if you do wish your best friend forever to walk into your life stop waiting for someone perfect to step in. Be open to all there is.

PRINCIPLE 4- Committment is the pillar of your friendship

Do not wish for a friend to come into your life if you are not willing to give what you are willing to receive. If you are ready to be a true and honest friend, only then will you attract one.

PRINCIPLE 5- Ninja Hatauri to the rescue

Now it was always Hatauri’s Ninja skills which saved Kenechy from all trouble. If you really want an honest and helpful friend dont be afraid and envious about their skills. True friends always use their skills to help each other.

PRINCIPLE 6- Bloom kept on reading fairy tales

For all those who love the animated series “Winx club” might remember the very first episode when Bloom the protagonist was being scolded by her mom for reading and wasting her time on fairy tales. But she kept on believing in them. And then one beautiful day, her friend Stella walked into her life to reveal to her magic that lay within her.

Remember that we all have a sparkling light of magic glowing within us. And a true friend is one who makes us aware of it. Dont settle for anything less. You deserve the best because you are the best.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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