Sparkling delight Chap 3- For all my dreamers

This chapter is for all those who are struggling with something in their lives. Maybe its a dream that you are working towards. Maybe you are staying with your parents or your spouse who do not support you. You love them but they are totally unsupportive towards your dreams. You are feeling lost and lonely and you have no one to hug and cry.

Thats all right. And dont worry about your family. Lindy Tsang from Bubzbeauty wrote in her book that our family members dony deliberately behave in such a way. They just dont know how to be any other way.

Now coming to how to find delight as you work towards your dreams. Lets take a look at the following principles.

PRINCIPLE 1- Cindrella’s glass shoe

Now just as the glass shoe fitted only in Cindrella’s foot what you want to bring into the world is only for you. No one can be you better than you. Remember you are the Cindrella having your own unique glass shoe. Dont try to fit in someone else’s shoes. No matter how much you love someone else’s work or style, your unique work is what that will lead to success.

PRINCIPLE 2- The poison apple

Remember Snow White’s step mother who disguised herself and gave her the poison apple. Well, there are people around you who live in their own world of fear and insecurities. Such people can think no more than having a job or roof over their head. No, I am not saying that its wrong to feel that way. But you are born to dream big. Their comments and suggestions can act as the poison apple which is toxic for your dreams.

Such people may be around you the whole time. They can show you the poison apple or even forcibly hand it to you. But no force on this planet can make you eat it until you choose to. Dont get fooled by their disguise as their concern is just another form of fear posing as the delicious looking poison apple.

PRINCIPLE 3- The kiss of love

It was ultimately the kiss of love which saved Snow White once she had consumed the poison apple. If hurtful comments do manage to break you, its okay. We all feel that way. If you feel like crying, go on. If you just cant stop feeling frustrated its okay. Feel that way. But then look at your vision board or visualise your dream. Write a loving letter to yourself and get back to work. I myself purchase greeting cards for myself or make use of postcards or old wedding cards to write encouraging words to myself. You will keep falling off track, people will not respect your efforts, but the secret to magic lies in believing in love and keep getting back on track.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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