Cultivating patience with raindrops

As the mystical elements of nature continue to heal and nourish our soul, we too become more and more deeply connected to it. We will now allow this nourishing energy to help us with the time when we feel low and impatient. Maybe some of us are single and waiting for our soulmate, maybe some are looking for a job, some might be awaiting a paycheck while some may be struggling with setting up their business. This time is the time when impatience and hopelessness steps in. We start doubting our efforts and we begin to lose our enthusiasm. But mother nature will not let that happen. She steps in again to liberate us. If you too wish to experience this bliss, simply follow the steps listed below for a few minutes each day and trust what comes.

1- If you are reading this on a rainy day, then its surely perfect. If not, put up a video of a rainy day. Make sure that it has gentle rain sounds and no sounds of thunder.

2- Start taking deep relaxing letting go breaths. As you begin to calm down and dive deeper into this ambiance, bring to your mind those few things which you enjoy doing only on rainy days. Is it sleeping throughout the day in your comfy blankets or do you prefer having the most delicious cup of tea? Is it doing something creative or do you love going out for a walk? Whatever it is bring it to focus. If nothing comes up, then perhaps you can bring to mind using your new umbrella or raincoat or sleeping in.

3- Each of these actvities that you are thinking about have their own beauty connected to rains. Similarly, your life does too.

4- Now bring to your focus that one area of life where you feel most impatient. As you listen to the sounds of falling raindrops, feel the delight and ease within your heart centre. This time when you are feeling impatient is same as a rainy day. There are so many things that you would love doing now before the sun comes out. If you are single, then you might want to focus on some sacred self care. If you arent earning enough, then this may be the perfect time for adopting a minimalistic way of life and developing close bonds with people who are helping you.

5- Keep feeling the gentleness of the raindrops as you breathe easily into your heart space. Let your heart be filled with grace and gratitude. Allow yourself to be healed with love.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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