A Course in waterfalls Chap 1- Healing shame

As I stand looking at the floor with an attempt to avoid the questioning looks of the world, my soul feels crushed and I feel wretched and defeated. With money and success being the only channels to respect, I feel the pain of not having either of them. As the seconds begin to pass and the world begins to ask, I am left alone with no answers. The pain of not being enough, not having enough weighs down heavily upon my heart. With my fears surrounding me and their judgements haunting me, I sit here in silence not knowing what to do. Tears dried up and smiles faded away, my heart’s desires lie hidden deep within me only to be cursed by the world. The bitterness of their questions and the harshness of this shame pushes me into slavery from which I wish to be liberated. Having no one to support me in such a time makes me doubt my love for all. Situations not in my control and my life in a mess, I long for support and turn to her.

The waterfall in her full grace looks at me with concern and her gushing waters flood through my heart space. She looks deep within my heart and sends her waters there as they flow through all darkness and flush away all shame.

“Illusion it is,” she says as her mighty flowing waters continue to surround me.

“The world you are caught in has no wisdom,” she continued,” wisdom cannot be found in gossips and noisy places. Their chattering tongues are not wise enough to be trusted. Their judgements are based on false perceptions and their opinions are not even for their own highest good.”

Feeling engulfed by her embracing waters, I could feel their haunting questions racing through my mind.

“Why try and move the boulders?” she said,” when you can easily flow through them. Let the boulders stay where they are. Why try and carry them? They are a burden and so are their opinions.”

I wondered if one can be so detached to judgements. And thats when another gush of water flooded my thinking.

“You have got to flow. And its useless trying to take the boulders along. Let them be where they aren

Let their opinions grace their tongue. If you put your love into the flow, you shall flow with grace. The boulders will remain where they are. They cant come after you.”

I sat relaxing into the ambiance as her waters continued to fill me with wisdom.

Published by Kairavi Kaul

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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