Trust the Universe ( Surrender to love)

I stood there gazing at the night sky and felt so loved by her beauty. Those beautiful twinkling stars, the heart warming moonlight and the pleasant winds always open up my heart to the miracles in each moment. And then how wonderful it feels to look at the beautifully adorned night sky.

But what we see is not all there is. Those stars which appear like tiny dots are huge celestial beings glowing up there. The moon is a huge body held to the earth by strong gravitational forces. Its vast, its bigger than one can even imagine. But what we see is just the beautiful picture and nothing more.

Stars are born and after millions of years, they die. But we are hardly ever aware of this process. The atoms of light elements fuse under conditions of low temperature and extreme pressure and thats how the stars form. When the supply of the fuel runs out, these stars eventually die. So much more is going on in the life of those tiny dots we see in the sky.

There is a beautiful force governing all this. That force gives birth to the stars, makes them glow, keeps the universe together and supports life here on earth. That same force lies within us. That same force is what takes care of us and that very force aligns everything for us.

When the core of a star stops supplying it with the required amount of fuel, the star begins to die. When our heart centre does not supply us with love and faith, our hope begins to die. Our hope is what keeps us alive. Our hope is the guardian of our dreams. 

So much is going on in the universe. The stars are formed and desteoyed, the sun is expanding and the earth is revolving around it. But we hardly ever care about it. Why? Because we know that its being taken care of you. Then when it comes to our life’s problems, why are we so bent on controlling them?

Under certain conditions and experiences, under the influence of divine thoughts and the pressure of love, our wishes fuse together and a dream is born. It is constantly supplied by our heart centre. Its fuel is love and hope. As long as the fuel is there, it continues to glow. But then there are troubles and miseries too. If we let the fuel run out due to them, our dream will die. Why cant we just let the ultimate force of love take care of it?

Whats happening in the universe is happening beautifully without our intervention. The sun is expanding and they say that it will die one day. Black holes are formed, meteors hit the earth and millions of stars are created and destroyed. The force is governing all this so perfectly.

Then why do we doubt this force when it comes to our own life? It will create stars of hope and the burning sun of desires will expand. Miseries too will be born under conditions of low self love and extreme pressure of society. But their fuel, that is the fear, will run out one day and they too shall die.

There is absolutely no need for us to interfere in the divine plan. All we need to do is to do is to show up when we are called for it. You cannot control the celestial bodies. Similarly, you cannot control the happenings of your life. So why even try?

SURRENDER is not just a term, its a law. TRUST is not just a word, its a path. If the planets do not follow their orbits there wont be any harmony left in the universe. Similarly, if you do not revolve on the path of trust around the divine will, there wont be any harmony in your life as well.

INTERFERENCE disrupts all peace and harmony. What if the earth said that she wouldnt revolve on the given path? Or what if all the planets started having arguments every now and then? The universe would collapse. This is what happens to our peaceful universe when we interfere.

When stars die, some of them are converted into white dwarfs which glow due to their stored thermal energy. In those moments when we feel lifeless and hopeless, there is still that stored energy of love within us making us glow. The force of love is always within us. Its never gone.

The earth revolves and rotates. It shows up for its dharma of supporting life. Even we are being called to serve. We are being called to show up for the afterglow-art-backlit-556669blur-blurred-background-bokeh-870866glories of life without trying to control the outcomes. When you revolve around the divine plan, there will be seasons of joy and sadness, thats not in your hands. That will never be under your control. But yes, the earth is still safe and so shall you be as the force protecting you both is always the same and remember that it lies within you and works for you.

Parting ways

Almost an year ago my best friend and I parted ways. We applied for different jobs in the same town. I remember getting down from the bus, arranging for the cab and only concerned about work the whole time. When the cab stopped at her house, all I did was say a cold goodbye. I was only concerned about my job at that time.

Sadly I never knew that our friendship would never remain the way it was before. The reason that I am sharing my own experience here is to highlight the importance of last times.

Had I known that morning would be the last morning we would have bonded that well, I would have got down from the cab, given her a hug and let her go with love. Had I known that that week was the last week we would spend as best friends, I would have cherished every moment of it and I would have made  the most beautiful greeting card for her. Had I known that those last few evening walks would be our last ones together, I would have walked a little longer, talked a little less and listened to her a lot more.

So today, as I sat meditating, I saw myself sitting in that same cab with her again. But this time it was different, very different. When she got down at her home, I got down too. I gave her a big hug and said,” THANK YOU.”

That one last time, I wish I would have done that. Last times are really important. That one last sorry, that one last thank you and that one last hug, it all really matters a lot. Last times are not to be taken for granted. Why even wait for that last time? You never know when its going to come? Go say what you wish to say. Just tell someochildren-cute-excited-225017ne howclose-up-colors-cookie-898325 much you care for them. Just let go of your ego and say those words of love and kindness. You never know when you are going to part ways and then all you shall wish for will be that one last time to say,”I LOVE YOU. I CARE FOR YOU. I AM THERE FOR YOU.”


Making the choice for love

attractive-beautiful-beauty-1066138THE HEART AND THE MIND AT WAR

There are times when our logic and intuition cannot come to a common conclusion. The heart says,” Go for it.” But the mind says,” Be careful.”

Logic supports taking calculated risks and proceeding according to  a well defined plan. Intuition is all about answering your soul’s calling and trusting the divine plan.


Logic lays emphasis on explanations and proven results. It says that the moon revolves around the earth and is held by strong gravitational forces. It says that each star has its own life span and all the planets have their own unique set of properties.

But can it explain why my heart fills with love and hope when I look at the moon? Can it explain why people love spending nights under the starry sky? Can it explain why we find these celestial bodies so beautiful?


Those moments of being in love with our dreams, those days when work seems so lovable, when the weather seems so pleasant and when life feels like a beautiful fairytale are the moments of divine experience. Whats more important? The salary that I get at the end of the month or these moments?


It hardly matters how much you achieve. It hardly matters how much your profit is. All that matters is you. Are you hopeful or are you feeling helpless? Do you smile quite often or are you grumpy the whole time? The universe cares for you and loves you.


If you have nothing in your life to be happy about, smile for someone else. Try it, it brings relief. Smile for someone who has achieved his/her dreams. Smile for a newborn baby or smile for the birth of  a new star. The universe is always full of glories. Your smile opens up your heart to receive miracles.

Keeping your dreams alive


I am stuck in such a terrible situation with everyone looking down upon me. I wonder why am I going through all this. What have I done to deserve this? Why am I suffering this way? Why isnt anyone helping me? These questions bother me so much each day.


What exactly are my dreams? Sometimes I feel that they are a distant horizon for me to gaze at. I fear that they are just an illusion which can never be reached. But then when I look at the stars, I realise that these huge celestial beings appear to us as tiny dots adorning the beautiful night sky. What if my dreams are like that too? Maybe what I see are tiny dots but in reality they are these huge and beautiful shining stars illuminating my dark life.


Sometimes in life nothing seems clear. I am unable to figure it all out. The fog is so thick that nothing can be seen. What do I do now?

Thats when I remember the glory of the moonlight. There are thick clouds which cover the moon at times leading to dark and gloomy nights. But that doesnt mean that the moon is not there. She is always there held to the earth by strong gravitational forces.

My dreams too are held to my life by strong bonds of love and faith. I may not be able to see them, but I know that they are there waiting for me to show up and embrace them.


Standing at crossroads, this is a really hard choice to make. No one supports you on your journey and here you are wishing for some help. You just dont know which way to go. You are afraid of making the wrong choice. It all seems to scary.

Thats when I remember the beauty of the wind. The wind cannot return to the place from where it has already left. I do not wish to return to those old patterns of living which have never helped me.


I was not born in a family. I was born for a family. We are not born to be a good child or a good parent. We are born to follow our soul’s calling. Its not always easy to answer this call especially when it hurts your loved ones.

When you are financially dependent on others or you stay with those who are constantly crushing your hopes, do not fear my dear. These troubled souls are only searching for light. Do not let their darkness engulf you. Be in the embrace of divine love and allow God to take care of you.


I remember the beautiful disney quote which says,

“No matter how much your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream you have wished for will come true.”

Write down your dream, imagine it, believe in it and when nothing seems true, pray for it. Keep your dreams alive by making vision boards, collecting pictures and surrendering them to love.


The stars are shining for you, the moon is glowing for you, the waves are splashing for you and the butterflies are fluttering for you. You are one with the universe. Dont get fooled by the illusion of separation. We all come from the same source, so we all arw art-bible-book-320266united by light.

The universe is working on your behalf and arranging it all for you. Trust is your magic wand here. To what extent can you trust and surrender? Make a wish my dear and trust in the power of the universe.


Healing our suffering caused by bitter words

Mean comments, harsh judgements and rude critical remarks hurt all of us. It stings like a scorpion bite and our heart feels so much pain that our tears just cant stop flowing. And just as the pain of a scorpion bite is numbed by using a local anesthetic, we start numbing out our own pain by distractions and passing judgements on others.


The pain we feel is never healed and those harsh remarks are still there reminding us of those unpleasant experiences time and again.


These harsh remarks can come from a family member, your spouse, your friends, co-workers, your boss and even your clients. These are people with whom you have to deal with on a daily basis. Having arguments the whole time or just tolerating this sh*t is no way to live.

There are situations in which you simply cant move away from them. You cant leave that job or you cant leave home. It feels so annoying to listen to these remarks every single day in your life.


One of the major reasons that these comments hurt us is that we are leaning on these people for emotional support. Yes, we do. We lean on our family and friends for love and thats when the problem begins.

Stop leaning on those who are not full of love and light. Stop leaning on your parents for support if all they do is make you feel guilty, stop leaning on your friends who treat you like trash and stop leaning on distractions and attractions.


Yes, these people are heart broken and ill at ease the whole time. They are troubled souls looking for simple ways to be happy. Their trouble is that they are looking for happiness outside of themselves.

As they are not seeking their inner happiness, their connection to love is broken and the music they produce is nothing but bitter remarks.


You are well aware of the fact that their opinions do not define you, but you just cant help feeling hurt and angry. You feel this way everyday and eventually you start building up walls around your heart. You dont want any negative stuff to enter. You try desperately to block it all out. But the hurt and pain still persists. Sadly, all the joy is blocked out.


Stop being too hard on yourself. I know it hurts and everyday and in every way there are people who are adding baby-bed-bedroom-860536 to your misery. But this doesnt mean that you start doing the same thing to yourself. Guilt, low self esteem, shame and lack of self worth are the signs of the absence of self compassion.

COMPASSION IS YOUR MAGIC WAND. Be super kind, loving and gentle towards yourself. You are your own lucky charm and you are your own best friend. Stop cursing your life and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Do a little of what makes you happy. Go read your favourite book, have that nice cup of hot chocolate, listen to your favourite music, give yourself a warm loving hug and pray regularly.


It can be anything, your favourite book, listening to spiritual coaches and healers, talking to your beloved friends and counsellors or your conversations with the divine.


Let the situations be in the hands of God rather than you trying to fix them. Surrender to the divine and embrace all this bitterness as the divine will. Every bitter word creates enormous amount of pain and suffering. Feel it fully. Dont run from it and stop trying to avoid it. Face it, embrace it, cry it out, weep it out and just be in that state of grieving. You dont need to get done with things quickly.

I too hear harsh comments each day of my life. They are bitter and its hard to deal with them. I have been hearing them all my life. I grew up feeling that I did something wrong and thats why they said that or its okay for people to shout at you when they are angry. Now I realise that nasty comments or scoldings are not what you deserve or what you create. These are the result of people trying to fix others. Your parents try to fix you when you do something wrong or you try to fix your kids by making them realise their mistakes.

But anger can never fix things. It creates waves of separation and deep cracks in relationships. Stop trying to fix others and start loving yourself.


First you learn to bring in compassion to all areas of your life. You be there in that moment of suffering allowing yourself to feel all the pain and anger. It might take some time but you make the choice for love.

You forgive them, not because what they said or did was right but because you no longer wish to remain attached to this pain. You give them love, you send them healing wishes, you forgive them for yourself.





Showing up for soulmate love


Well, do you feel that everyone around you is in a blissful relationship and you are the only one sitting alone on weekends and other days? Do you feel like you are the only unfortunate one living a loveless life? If you do not feel so, its really beautiful because you are never defined by your relationship or wedding status.

But my dear, if you do feel so, then dont worry because this post will put a little delight on your grumpy face. To begin with, let me tell you that you are not the only one going through all this. Yes, my dear we all are in this together. You are not alone and never ever forget this.


When someone walks into our life and we fall in love with them, its actually us being in awareness of the deep seated love within us. So basically, the magic lies in the love within you. And you and only you are responsible for allowing it to flow with ease and grace.

Are you continuously pitying yourself or has one heart-break caused you to build walls around your heart? Are you being envious of others or are you just numbing out your emotions?

All these actions are blocking the flow of your own love. These are the blocks in your path of love and you really need to get out of your own way.


Get this straight. You dont need to make any extra efforts for it. What I mean is that if you love staying at home on weekends, you dont have to forcefully start attending parties and night outs. If you love long peaceful walks, you dont need to force yourself to join clubs and classes. If you are not a sports person then be proud and there is no need to do anything that doesnt feel like you.

NO ONE CAN BE YOU BETTER THAN YOU. Yes, its true. Being single doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with you. Yes, you may be suffering from some self esteem issues due to this but remember you are gorgeous and worthy of all that you truly wish for.


It often happens that you are completely influenced by the romance novels you read and the cheesy love stories you watch. But hold on my dear. Love is not that shallow. You see these books or movies glorify only and only one aspect of love and that is romantic love. Thats not how it is.

Love is our own true nature. Its the deep inner knowing of our true self. And it encompasses everything ranging from jobs to friendships to parenthood and so on.

So, if you are in a loveless job and feel that meeting the right partner will make you feel better, thats never going to happen. If you dont love your job, work on that first instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.


You see that very often in a relationship there are so many things that you are not okay with. For instance, you may not be okay with his/her friends coming over at your place or you may not be okay with his/her constant remarks about your dressing style or you may not be okay with their temper tantrums. Whatever it is, whats not okay is not okay.

Now that doesnt necessarily mean that they need to change or you need to move on. Begin with self compassion. Be kind and loving towards yourself caring for your wishes and needs. Now in the light of this self love, you will slowly start seeing the wounds of your partner. Hold space for their suffering without trying to fix them. If they are broken, they need to be healed and not fixed. Let love decide the fate of your relationship.


Trust is a really powerful word. It is one of the most important principles of a loving and successful relationship. Are you afraid of trusting new people? Does this word make you feel uncomfortable?

Trust issues can be based on bitter past experiences and your own judgements. There are loyalty issues as well. To be very honest, in the society where I dwell if your partner/husband is cheating on you, then it isnt considered a valid reason for a break up. Sometimes that makes me feel that I will have to put up with this and that prevents me from trusting the men I meet. What the society stuffs into our head, really makes it difficult for us to trust anyone.

Firstly, we all need to understand that without trust, you cannot experience the bliss of soulmate love. This trust is a really sensitive issue and must be explored fully.

If you are afraid of trusting new people, then start by believing in yourself. Start by working on your own unhealed perceptions about the world. Witness your fear based perceptions and release them with love and compassion.


Just because the stars appear to you as tiny dots, it doesnt mean that they are small. They are huge celestial beings shining bright up there. So if you see a little glitter in someone’s smile or a little glow in someone’s blush or a little sparkle in someone’s eyes, then there may be big bright stars of love and romance shining for you in those moments.


Showing up can be as simple as answering a phone call or not running away from a conversation that has something more to it. It can be as quick as smiling at someone’s complement or writing a little love note. Show up for the love that is already there. Dont worry, the universe has it all figured out.


There is always a first date, a first hug and a first kiss. Dont let anyone’s opinions spoil it for you. There is no perfect way and there is no imperfect way. Anything that feels good to you is perfect. Its never too late and you can make your choice as per your own wishes. If you want to be alone for now, its perfect. You are not missing out on anything. If you havent been with anyone before, there is no need to feel upset about it. You define and create your own love story. You are the narrator and you are the director. Dont let anyone else take that charge from you.


Sometimes, you just dont want to end up with someone you dont know too well. So you are afraid of your parents picking the right adult-bride-celebration-265722person for you. You resist it and feel pretty upset about the fact that you dont yet have a partner to lean on.

Relax, my dear. Lean on love and show up for it. Dont rush into anything but just show up for any meeting or date or conversation thats coming your way. Just show up and release the rest. But if you still feel that you really dont feel ready for it or you need to be left alone, thats great too. Take your time, release, relax and prepare yourself to receive the wonderful gifts of the universe.

Steps to rekindle your hope

baked-blur-bottle-302022UNLOCK IT QUICK

Do you remember the story “Pandora and the box of troubles?” The little girl’s curiosity led her to open the big bad box and out flew all the trouble makers. But just when she was about to leave, a lovely voice spoke from within the box,” Let me out please.” She quickly opened the box again and out flew the Hope fairy.

In our lives too, we experience a lot of trouble and misery. The problem is not that we are suffering. The problem is that we have locked up the hope fairy in the big wooden box of logic and we wont let her out. Unlock that box, open up your heart and let her out.


Okay, so when I start talking about hope and miracles, so many people cast it aside as the woo-woo stuff. Speaking honestly, I also used to think that way. And even now, my logic does overpower me at times.

But hope is real. If you believe in it, you shall receive it. It cant happen the other way round. Yes, its hard to keep believing in your dreams when nothing is working out. It hard to keep up your hopes when everything is falling apart. But at least we can be hopeful of witnessing just a tiny miracle moment or a pleasant surprise or a wish fulfilled. Start small, dream big.


One of the major hurdles in keeping the flame of hope glowing is our bitter past experiences. In the past, our hopes were broken and our dreams were shattered. But still somewhere in your heart you do have a little hope that this time it will be different. Thats why you are here reading this post. Letting go of the bitterness of the past is a really essential step in rekindling the flame of hope within your heart.

The mistake we make here is that we assume that the past wanted to teach us that we should never have high hopes. Thats just an excuse of the logical mind which prevents you from seeing the real truth. Was that dream really for your highest good? Was it something you really wanted? Was it someone you really loved? Was it based on love or fear?


If you messed up a relationship or gave up on a dream job or just quit something in the middle, even now its not too late. Start with hope, move with faith, lose with dignity and win with love. If they have left  and now you realise how much you truly cared for them, ask your heart to call them back. If its meant to be, the universe will bring you together and that too without you doing anything.

Start with hope, surrender to love and dwell in faith. May God bless you.

Compassion, love and dreams

Namaste. So just last night I was reading about courageous compassion and the beauty of sharing the suffering of others. The part that I really loved was that it doesnt mean that you pardon someome for their deeds, neither does it mean that you try to fix their problems. It just means that you hold space in your heart for their grief and you do this by start being loving and kind towards yourself.

So today, if anyone of you is going through a really miserable time or needs a shoulder to cry on, let me tell you my dear that you arent alone in this. Its not your fault, dont blame yourself. I know that you will survive this. I know that you will heal. Dont listen to them. They cant see your light because they are blind to their own. I know that their comments hurt you and their expectations scare you, but trust me my dear that they have no power of you. Every bitter word they speak breaks open your heart to the infinite love within you.

I know how it feels. I know how hard it is. But you arent alone in this. We are all in this together. You may feel that there is no one out there to help you. You may feel lost and afraid. But we all are with you. Remember this. These miserable times are not here to stay. They are here to give us the lessons of love and once we have learnt that, they will go away.

Your dreams will take a new form, your hopes will glow again and you will soon see miracle moments every day. The buttterflies of hope will flutter around you, the fireflies of love will glow and dissolve all darkness, the stars will announce the arrival of your dreams and the moon will shine upon you and bless you.

Celebrate your blessings my dear. We all are in this together. Misery will end and faith will prevail. Shame, anger, pain and guilt shall be released in the cake-coffee-couch-8791light of love. And very soon you will be in your world of dreams embraced by the light of love.

Broken Relationships(Let go and let God)


They have left you. They have made their choice. You too have made your choice. But you still are emotionally connected to them. Be it your best friend or your partner, letting go isnt a one time click. Its a continuous ongoing process or a choice you make each moment.

You do nothing but still you do everything. Slowly and continuoulsly allow yourself to face your wounds and feel the pain which lies deep within. Dont numb it out. Feel it fully with each passing moment.

Be kind to yourself. Bring in the power of divine love. Love yourself fully till your cup starts overflowing. And now, send them love too. Release all the judgements and past resentments. Release the bitterness and the heartaches. Send them all the love you have. Let them go with love.


You forgive someone for yourself as in this process you set yourself free of all the pain and disappointments. Forgiveness is not believing that their actions were justified. It is believing that all they did has no power over you now. You can rise above all this mess. A will to forgive and a prayer for divine help is all thats needed. Forgive yourself too. Dont blame yourself now. Be compassionate towards your suffering and slowly all you shall see will be light.


Will they come back? Maybe yes or maybe no. Release yourself from this outcome. Break free from all these controlling actions and bitter bondages. Surrender your relationship to your angels and let the universe do her magic.

Whats meant for you shall be woven into the tapestry of your life with love. Whats not for you, shall be releasedbloom-blossom-flora-39517 by divine grace. There is no good in trying to force any results. Stop interfering and allow yourself to release and receive.


I had almost decided to forget all about my beautiful friendship when God said NO. So I asked him,” Why do you say so? They arent coming back. Why should I go back to pray and care for them?”

“Because,” he said,” they need you.” And since then, I have kept them in my prayers and sent them all the love I have.


Be grateful for those moments when you smiled with them. Thank God for those moments when they cried with you. And bless and release all those moments when they broke your heart. Your broken heart became a portal of entry for divine light. Bless them and release them on their path. Let them go with love.

Facing the mess


When we are going through times of despair and misery, all that keeps us going is the hope for a better tomorrow. We hold that beautiful vision in our eyes and keep moving ahead. But then there are disappointments and losses along the way. Our hopes start shaking and the vision we created seems too far away.


When we let go of our needs and surrender them to God, then we can see the sorrows and sufferings of others. We can hear the pain in a greeting and we can see the grief behind a smile. In moments of helplessness, allow God to take care of you and move ahead to help someone in need. Give them a warm hug or make yourself available for pleasant conversations. If you dont fee like doing anything at all, then simply bring in kindness and send them love.


Instead if trying to control every single moment, just surrender and embrace it. Do what feels good and stop judging yourself for every action you take. If something works out, celebrate your small wins. If nothing works out, celebrate your blessings. Release all plans, relax, work and allow yourself to receive all that is already yours.


Yes, money is a matter of concern. Not having enough money is a source of constant stress and humiliation. Bring compassion to yourself. Be extra kind, loving and gentle with yourself. Take responsibilty for your life. Show up for these hardahips with grace. Compassion is your magic wand which heals all shame. It allows you to receive divine guidance and trust the signs of the universe. As you believe, so shall you receive.


In these hard times, there will be people who will leave your side. There will be betrayals and judgements. Release it all. Stop the blame game. It isnt helping you in any way. Stop wishing for them to come back. Give yourself the love you deserve and let go of all judgements. Bless them and release tblur-boxes-cards-688017hem on their path and set yourself free. Keep the lessons and the joy of good times. Send them love and in the light of kindness share their suffering. Pray for the highest good of all.


Be grateful that you made it this far. Be grateful that the universe is always on your side. Be grateful for all the miseries which are leading you to embrace the divine will. Find and remember the moments of gratitude throughout the day. Things like a glass of lemonade which refreshes you or the scoop of ice cream or a good nights sleep count as blissful moments of gratitude. Its always the little things that matter.