The Law of Attraction Series Part 3- The Magic of the glowing Lava

Namaste beloved. Welcome to another post in The Law of Attraction Series. I am so grateful to you for loving, sharing and supporting my work. If you wish to read any previous posts in the series, you can click on the links below.

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So today we shall work with two really powerful Goddesses Pele and Cerridwen. Pele is the Goddess of volcanoes. She is the lava which is wanting to rise within us. So often we have felt this intensity of emotion which is saying,” This is not done. This is so unfair.” Pele is that force or rather that fire of passion which has the power to set things right. She is our inner rage, our inner pain and even our inner strength. Today as I sit here engulfed by sorrow, my inner Pele is screaming at me to rise and awaken. She is telling me that its time to go beyond the mortal realm. In our manifesting journey, when we are faced with troubles and obstacles, our inner fire lights the way.

Pele provides us warmth when our hearts feel cold. She warms up our numbed minds so that we may think as light workers. We dont need to know it all. Pele has ignited the divine fire of passion within us and she knows how to keep it burning. So whenever you feel as if you wont be able to manifest what you want, pray to Pele and she will make the flames rise up within you.

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The Law of Attraction Series Part 2- The Lover and the Fierce Mother

Namaste my loves. I welcome you all to my next post in The Law of Attraction Series. Thank you so very much for loving, sharing and supporting my work. I am so very proud of you for being so consistent in your healing work. And if you feel as if you are falling off the wagon, remember that it happens with all of us and there is absolutely no need to worry about it.

If you wish to read my previous posts in this series, click on the links below.

So today we will be working with two Goddesses Mary Magdalene and Mahakali. Mary Magdalene was the beloved of Christ and she was also the first one to have witnessed his resurrection. She represents the divine love within us. She as the beloved of Christ also teaches us that we are 100% human and 100% divine as opposed to the concept of being 50% human and 50% divine which we have often been taught. I am currently reading “Mary Magdalene Revealed” by Meggan Watterson and she highlights this concept of allowing both the human and divine within us to express their selves fully. So if you feel as if your desire isnt divine enough, then remember that we as humans have human emotions and its totally justified for us to want dream homes, dream careers and lots of money.

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The Law of Attraction Series Part 1- It all began with a lip colour

Namaste my beloved readers. Thank you so very much for loving, sharing and supporting my work. As I promised in my previous post that I shall soon be bringing to you a series of seven blog posts where we work with several Goddesses and experience the magic of the law of attraction, so here I am wanting to begin this wonderful journey with you. If you want to read about how and when I started believing in the law of attraction, you can read my previous post here.

So, on day one we are going to connect with two Goddesses Sati and Lilith who will support us, hold us and guide us with their love and power. And for all those who are still confused about the title of this post, I will be disclosing the reason behind it towards the end.


Goddess Sati was the beloved daughter of King Daksha. She was fierce and brave yet gentle at heart. She would chase after dangerous wild animals and she even dared to venture deep into the dark woods. Her father had always taught her that the one who conquers the land deserves all praise. Without the conquerer thd land holds no meaning. The conquerer captures the land and turns it into a productive patch which can sustain agriculture and support the kingdom. To King Daksha, this meant selfless service. Sati grew up believing in her father’s ideologies until one day she met Lord Shiva. Shiva explained to her that when the conquerer had a motive behind capturing the land, then how could it be done selflessly. Shiva said to her,” When the motive behind any action is nothing but pure joy, only then can it be called selfless service.”

Like Sati, we too have been taught to have sn ambition in mind. Like Sati, we too have been taught to struggle and strive until we have worn ourselves out completely. But what Shiva said is actually the reverse of it. We are not selfish when we do something for the love of it. We are selfish when we do something for any reason other than love. The movie “The shift” starring Dr. Wayne Dyer explains exactly this concept of the shift from ambition to meaning, the shift from doing things for a reason to doing something because it brings you joy.

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How I started believing in the Law of attraction

Namaste my beloved readers. Thank you so very much for loving, supporting and sharing my work.

I had read a lot of articles about “The Law of attraction” and I even took up an online workshop for the same. But despite of learning so much about it, I never really understood how it worked until one day I came across a life changing experience which strengthened my faith in the law of attraction.


Basically what I had heard about the law of attraction was that we create what we focus on, be it positive or negative. So teachers all over the world are highlighting the significance of positive thinking so that we are in alignment with our highest self.

But my experience of it was slightly different. It so happened that I wasnt happy living in the town where I currently am and I was also having a really difficult time at my workplace. I was so stressed out that all I could think of was the day I would leave this town and this workplace forever.

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The roar of Kali (Reach for the stars by lighting the fire within)

She stood there, listening to the insults being hurled upon her in front of the huge gathering. She stayed quiet for a while trying to comprehend the sudden hatred her father had for her. She stood there confused and devastated by his harsh words. Her heart broke into a million pieces but none in the gathering stood up for her. She sobbed for a while and tried to put her point across. But alas! Her father had already made up his mind. To him, Shiva was an alien, an uncivilised being who had brainwashed his beloved daughter. Her words fell upon deaf ears while everyone in the assembly turned a blind eye to her pain. 


Then, she finally spoke. She finally spoke the divine truth. In Shiva she found her true self. In his grace she discovered her true power. In his embrace she bonded with the Goddess within her. Shiva to her was truth, the unadulterated pure truth which had cleansed her mind of the dust which had covered it up for years. She did not burn her body, she did not burn her skin, she invited the fire of truth to take from her all that wasnt divine. She reincarnated in this earthly realm only to realise that there was a power hidden deep inside of her for lifetimes.

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Bursting into LOVE

Whenever we are upset we start looking for things to cheer us up. We want to feel better, we want to feel good and in an attempt to do so, we actually ignore the blessings being showered upon us. To be blessed is not to be happy, a blessing is the recognition of love and magic in the ordinary.

“I learnt that more important than being positive is being yourself.”       Anita Moorjani


Lets be upset today. Lets be upset because we are missing someone, lets be upset because someone was rude to us today, lets be upset because we still didnt get what we want from life, lets be upset because we work at a job we are sick of, lets be upset because we are still single, lets be upset because we are lonely. Whatever suits you best, lets be upset about it.

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Let your shadow sparkle

Being ruled by tyrants in our past lives has left us with deep scars which still need healing. Some wounds are still alive in our hearts and they manifest as extreme fear to raise our voice. As women, we still see marriage an an essential source of our survival which causes us to shrink and play small when we should be taking bold steps. Today, in this post I offer you the following lessons of awakening.



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What self love really is

Namaste beloved. Lets define the true meaning of self love today and allow it to miraculously transform our lives.


In today’s post, you will learn about-

* What self love is and why is it so important?

*How childhood criticism is still affecting us.

*How do we accept ourselves fully.

*Using self love as a tool to create miracles

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How complaining hampers your manifesting process

Namaste my loves. Thank you so very much for being here. Today we discuss about manifesting, how the habit of complaining hampers it, why we go through bitter experiences and a lot more. Please do share and subscribe. Sending you all so much love and light.

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